Friday, 9 January 2015

Summer, crickets and more cricket

Summer around our place means an abundance of cricket. On the telly, the radio, in the street, the backyard, everywhere really. It starts with the Boxing Day test. Last year the boys and Mr Man were lucky enough to attend the first day as we spent Christmas in Melbourne. 

This year we had Christmas at ours and a heap of family to join us. The test was on the telly. iPads were following the sporting journos and the Grandads and Uncles joined the boys in the driveway for street cricket. The odd trip to the nets down the road was had, before it got too hot. This was followed with morning tea. Coffee (#homebarista) and my amazing Christmas Cake. 

This was the first time I have ever made a Christmas Cake, and I chose an old school recipe from the CWA cook book, one that requires daily feeding with sherry. The cake was good.

Most summers the kids and I spend hours at the beach. This is not so easy with a 7 month babe in tow. Where we once used to take a flexitub filled with towels and water bottles to the beach to cool off, we now have to take sun shelters, nappy bags, pram, extra towels etc, etc. So the family beach trips have been few and far between, rather, Mr Man takes the boys for a dip after work. 

Today though, I did take the boys for a swim at the river. There is a Weir where you can swim in the cool deep water. It is calm and there is a grassy patch with a tree or two...perfect for sitting with Baby P. Mind you, I did notice a lot of crickets. Little brown ones and green ones, like this fellow pictured. We sat and listened to the chorus of crickets clicking along as we watched the boys swim. 

It's been a busy summer so far. We have more cricket next week when the kids and I head up to Perth for the week for Junior to attend a cricket camp run by Justin Langer. Junior is WAY excited, to say the least. My blog posts are fairly infrequent at the moment, school holidays the time, but my Instagram account is getting a good run, so make sure you follow Nic Nurtures on Instagram and see what fun times we are having this summer.

Nic Nurtures x

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