Friday, 10 April 2015

A return to me

It's been another long pause between posts. So much has been happening. It is a busy life being a mother of three children. My baby is one in about 6 weeks. My big boy twelve in four months. Time sure has sped up, but some days it stands still. 

My head has been a whirl since school went back in February, and I haven't felt the energy to post or write. With March coming to an end, summer fading off into the distance and term one finishing, I've begun to feel a shift, a return to me. 

It's funny how the baby fog begins to lift around that nine to ten months of age. Baby P is so much more interactive and fun exploring the world around her. She eats more than she breastfeeds and attends day care one half day a week. I've managed to get back into my massage studio and work! It is such a lovely feeling to connect with my clients again on the table. It is refreshing to remember why I massage people and to experience a renewed energy in the direction of my life and career.

My phone has been playing up recently. The battery goes flat almost every time I use social media apps. This is not such a bad thing, and I am taking it as a sign that it was time to loosen my attachment to my phone. I leave my phone on charge on the bench during the day. This has minimised my time spent checking and looking and checking and photographing all day long. I am being mindful.

A gifted new journal and set of pens has been getting a work out instead. Each day I find a moment to stop and write. It might be a list, or musing, a sketch or day dream. It doesn't matter what, just as long as I journal. I've been journalling on and off since I was about 17 and I have always found it to be so therapeutic and helpful in releasing blocks in my life. 

It has been my wish, since that first journal entry 20 years ago, to write - articles, books, websites, coaching, holistic thinking. Writing for me is intuitive and creative and something that is not necessarily planned. I find that once I put pen to paper, or fingers to keys, it just flows. 

Autumn is my favourite season, the cooler mornings, warm sunny afternoons at the beach, the changing of the leaves and the trees. I love it, it feels like a return to me. 

Nic Nurtures x

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