Friday, 22 August 2014

Mine Craft madness

Turbo is sooo into Mine Craft right now. Yet we don't even own it at home. At his school, the library lets the year ones play Mine Craft at lunch time. On Thursday, library day, his class has Mine Craft time after choosing their books for the week. 

I don't know a lot about this Mine Craft business, just that there is "Steve" the wood cutter (pictured), some "creepers" and Creative. And ever since school went back to Term 3, Turbo is obsessed.

Should I be worried?

At first I was a little concerned, that my middle child had become so into a computer game. I wondered why the library teacher would even let them play such computer games. Back in my day, library class involved having a story read, maybe some colouring in or craft and learning to use the catalogue.

After chatting with another school mum, I decided I would speak with the teacher the next day.

However, that same evening, I happened to catch the tail end of Good Game on ABC2. Mine Craft is in the Top 10 computer games of all time, and players bandied around words like "best indie game ever" and "could be the retro game of our time".

That did it for me. I decided to check it out. And now I get it. Sort of, but not enough to rush out and get the game for home.

What I have noticed though, is that Turbo has been using his imagine to play Mine Craft in the 'real' world. He's been gathering cardboard boxes and using imaginary tools to build and create things. And he tells me he has a group of five classmates who have been playing Mine Craft (imaginary) at lunch time by the big tree.

So, as far as computer games go, it's not all bad.

After school today Turbo decided to spend his Toyworld gift voucher that he won last term for his Spellathon. As soon as he saw "Steve" he was sold. 

Nic Nurtures x

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