Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Make mine a double

A few weeks back I wrote about sleep and how Baby P was sleeping through the night. Oh how all that changed when she hit 4 months. It's like as soon as that fourth trimester was over and she hit 16 weeks, she became a different baby.

Some nights are good, she'll go down and wake once, around 1am and then again at in the wee hours of the morning. Thats ok. I can cope with that.

But the last three nights have been extremely tiresome for me...Baby P is waking every hour from about 10.30pm to 4am. It's hard work, this getting into a good sleep and waking every hour.

So you start thinking about what is going on for her. Is she too cold? Too hot? Is it teeth? Is she really hungry still? She's not really upset, but she is whingey, tired too, she just wants to go to sleep and not wake up. Like me.

At 20 weeks there is a lot going on developmentally. She is 'talking' so much more making lots of lovely new sounds. Her movement is coming leaps and bounds. She rolls from front to back and nearly from back to front. Her muscles are getting stronger, in a few weeks she will be able to sit (supported) upright. So much going on, so many new brain connections forming and processing.

No wonder she is not sleeping well. It must be one of those wonder weeks. I feel far more patient and relaxed with my third baby though, perhaps it's because I've been here before, I know this phase will pass. Perhaps it's because she is my last and I am savouring the midnight snuggles and cuddles. 

For now, I'll make mine a double. Double shot of coffee that is, and be grateful for my espresso machine. 

Nic Nurtures x

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  1. I commend you Nic on your patience with sleepless nights. My youngest boy is about to turn 5 next month and our eldest boy is 8, my boys and their dad would love for me to say yes to another baby but for some of the reasons you write about here, I say 'no'. I absolutely adore babies and loved having my very own newborns, but oh the sleep deprivation. I take my hat off to you. Enjoy your coffee. And those midnight cuddles :)