Saturday, 11 October 2014

Saturday tea break

Gosh has it been two weeks already? The school holidays seem to have just flown by. I've loved the break in the school routine and the kids have enjoyed each others company too. There has been so much going on down here...

Trips to the city and Royal Show
An overwhelming Ikea shopping trip
Negotiating city traffic 
Unwell mother in law - Deep Vein Thrombosis, not fun. Not. Fun. At. All.
Viral Tonsilitis for me - ick!
Baby P not sleeping well during the night
Baby P nearly rolling over all the way - so much developmental stuff going on with her right now at 20 wonder she is not sleeping well
Grandma Molly (my mum) comes to stay for 4 days...yay!
Sorting, organising, decluttering of the bedrooms

And one of the lovely things to happen in the these two weeks - the Kangaroo paws have begun to flower! It is so lovely to come home and see them reaching up to the sun. 

I'm currently savouring a big cup of tea and cookie whilst the boys are down the road, Mr Man is snoozing on the couch to the sound of Bathurst and Baby P is asleep in her pram - the only place she seems to day sleep these days. I should probably catch some zzz's too...but there is too much internet to catch up on and Sunday baking to plan.

Hope you've enjoyed your kids these holidays,

Nic Nurtures 

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