Monday, 10 November 2014

My kind of Sunday...weekend stills

1. baby wearing selfie. thats a sculpture behind me of a woman breastfeeding a baby whale
2. rock pools between surfers point and the river mouth
3. climbing rocks, hot underfoot
4. exploring rock pools, looking for crabs, trying to catch little fish with hands
5. thunderous waves breaking on the rocks
6. the best place to chill

Is there anything better than natures playground? As a kid I loved exploring and playing at the beach. Rock climbing and hunting for crabs was a favourite past time, and my boys love it too. Baby P happily snoozed in the Ergo as we clambered over hot rocks on the first real hot day of Spring. We saw plenty of crabs scurrying in and out of rock formations and lots of little fish swimming in the rock pools. It was a truly magic day.

Nic Nurtures

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