Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Taking Stock

Making : a fairy garden with Turbo
Cooking : dhal in bulk for lunches and easy dinners with rice and raita and chapati
Drinking : kpl - kale, pear and lemon juice
Reading: sbs feast magazine
Wanting: a housekeeper like Alice from the Brady Bunch
Looking: at Pinterest for my doll house renovation
Playing: catch up on the laundry now that the sun is shining
Deciding: whether to keep my business or sell it
Wishing: family lived nearer
Enjoying: reruns of Offspring at 2pm - the perfect do nothing for an hour before the kids get home from school
Waiting: for my new Imac to arrive
Liking: the warmer weather
Wondering: where does the 6 hours go in a school day
Loving: quiet time with Baby P
Pondering: should I cut my hair pixie short
Considering: increasing my credit card limit - I just keep finding things i want to buy
Watching: the wildflowers coming out at the start of Spring 
Hoping: to meet up with my good girlfriend in Freo on the weekend
Marvelling: at how much time flies when you have a new baby in the house
Needing: to clean out the fridge - so many mystery bowls and jars and leftovers
Smelling: lemon, lavender and peppermint essential oils in the oil burner
Wearing: green ballet flats and a 60's style hair tie head band
Following: Tinkerlab - love love love the creative craft inspiration
Noticing: the daisies are out
Knowing: this too shall pass
Thinking: what to make for dinner
Sorting: my wardrobe
Buying: a yellow chair for my computer desk
Getting: fed up with people who don't use manners
Disliking: Facebook for personal use. 
Opening:a new bag of Di Bella coffee beans
Giggling: with Turbo
Feeling: a bit tight and stiff through the shoulder, time for a massage I say!
Snacking: vegetable slice
Wishing: I could fly to Melbourne soon to meet my sister in laws new love
Helping: at the school Fun Run on Friday
Hearing: lots of birds chirping in the garden

I'm a bit late joining in on the 'taking stock' link from Meet me at Mikes for August, but I really liked the idea, so I'm taking stock right here, right now.

What are you taking stock of?
Nic Nurtures x

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