Monday, 15 September 2014

Weekend Stills

1. Show your colours. The strip down the middle of down town Fremantle.
2. Green smoothie, flat white, the start to any good Saturday.
3. Love this place - Ootong and Linton, South Fremantle. 
4. Spring magic down at the Youth Plaza at the Esplanade. 
5. Round 2 coffees, courtesy of awesome Barista Tom of Studio 37.
6. Go Freo! Dockers love everywhere.
7. Freo heave ho!
8. South Fremantle - Turbo getting into Parkour, flipping and climbing all over town. 

A glorious weekend had in Fremantle, our old stomping ground, fueled with food, coffee, football and fun. Sometimes it's nice to get out of town.

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Nic Nurtures x

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  1. Great photos, I love the Zebras. I also love Fremantle, such a beautiful spot.

    Thanks for joining in with the link up.

    Holli x